(Nederlands) Drinks, Pitches & Demo’s

Drinks, Pitches & Demos

Drinks, Pitches & Demos is an energetic gathering for innovators, start-ups and inspired professionals.

It is the perfect knowledge-sharing platform to advertise your new project, to stay informed on breakthrough technologies and ask for help if you're stuck on a problem.


Event details:
25 October 2023

On October 25st, Drinks, Pitches & Demos will be present at Manifestations during Dutch Design Week for a special edition to celebrate the intimate relation between innovation and humanity. How does technology shape us and how do we shape technology? What is the future of technology and how can we coexist with it? During this event, you will meet ambitious entrepreneurs who will pitch how their projects aim to revolutionize technology and provide solutions to today’s world problems.

After a dynamic and fun pitching session, we will wrap it up with drinks and networking. This event is open to anybody, but please register confirm your presence.

Are you a start-up, designer or inventor and would like to pitch during the event? Please send an email to info@hightechxl-plaza.com  with your contact details and a brief explanation of the subject of your pitch. Spots are limited, so sign-up now!