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New website coming soon. Manifestations 2024 will take place Oct 19-27.

Media Art Festival with Expo during Dutch Design Week 2023 from October 21-29 and longer @Veem Eindhoven. Curious about Virtual Worlds? Visit one here.

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Well-filled with young talent & exciting projects, again the exhibition promises to be the most talked-about part of Dutch Design Week. Physically and online. With projects that act at the intersection of art and technology Manifestations asks you how far technology determines your world, thinking and acting.

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    Theme 2023: Visie - Groter Denken - Maak Slimmere Keuzes!

    All artists, designers and projects specially selected for Manifestations: Click on the images and names for more information.

    1. Human?
    #greedisgood #individualism #capitalist-model #human-limitations #distracting-impulses #are-our-brains-wired-to-be-capable-of-long-term-thinking?

    interactive installation that visually represents the fairness of a machine learning model applied to the U.S. legal system. By highlighting the disadvantaged groups within the system, it raises questions about the ethical implications of using AI models in such sensitive and crucial aspects of our society. Through its engaging design, the installation prompts contemplation on whether we should rely on AI in these contexts.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: TU/e Eindhoven


    Reality Cult presents “A New World,” a ritualistic divination by Giek_1, exploring souls and unveiling life paths. This shamanic-inspired journey reveals hidden powers, tapping into metaphysical wisdom, fostering healing and personal growth amidst the current global shifts.

    In 2022, “A New World” was honored with invitations to the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, the Design Museum Den Bosch and Museumnacht at Museum Lakenhal Leiden. 
    She will present Wednesday 25 – Sunday 29 October at Manifestations. www.reality-cult.com

    Sacred geometry, an ancient language of the universe. A space where art, science, and spirituality converge, where the invisible threads that bind our universe come to life. Within this ethereal display, each sheet becomes a portal, revealing a tapestry of interconnected patterns.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva Groningen

    A conceptual reimagining of the “lipid world” theory which postulates that life originated from lipids forming membranes which envelop matter and nutrients to form protocells.


    Cocoon is an experimental space, where you experience low-stimuli surrounding. It is designed to help you calm down your mind, which is often bared to overstimulation. It is a small, one-person capsule that uses natural elements (like water) to achieve its goals. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva Groningen



    maps the radical undercurrent developing at the cultural and political fringes. Alienation, network culture, capitalism, and the emergence of conspiracy as collective myth-making — or, shared fictions that make themselves actual, through memetic repitition.

    A collection of plush ‘toys’ inspired by both contemporary and historical forms of cancel culture. The soft and seemingly harmless toys convey a dual message, encouraging reflection on the implications of online call-out culture and the ways it is currently manifested through social media. Merel Dijkman (1999) is a graphic designer with a passion for print, editorial design and textiles. Her work often takes tangible forms, such as books, tapestries, and in this case, ‘plush toys’. After obtaining her mbo degree, she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2023 after a study at HKU, where she studied in the Graphic Design department.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht

    A collection of 5 ceramic, painted vases in which Nonna Hoogland links Greek mythology to our modern-day society. 

    Winner of HKU Award.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht.


    2. Technology
    #AI #humansize #privacy #whoisboss

    An experience based on fear and stress where you can reconnect with your body to regain a sense of calm. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: St Joost Breda 


    Trash doesn’t always have to be waste. Robots made from waste streams such as discarded electronic devices from the household and technical industries. Seeing this as a raw material for creativity, by using this old e-waste for art, these robots were made and waste has been given a new function.

    3 robots of which 1 in loan of PLANETART

    Wall jewels, feminism, self-reflection, hidden layers and mirror of hidden identity, Felicie Vitrai explores your deeper relationship with your core and the role you want technology and your environment to play. She creates a mirror world in all sorts of ways and with mixed media. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award – Rietveld Amsterdam


    Blinking, Shutters, Breaks, Beats, Breaths and Pauses. Essential to the rhythmical nature of life. They allow humans to process information in structures manners.

    Where with early cinema the shutter in film-projectors allows to distinguish between motion blur and the moving image. In the mobile phone the shutter and the object have faded into the Sublime of computer processing units unperceivable to the human-eye.

    In the Inter-scope I reintroduce the Interruptions, the physical location and the relation we have with the medium of film through social media. Since on social media the creation of the films are highly influenced by our algorithms.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: ArtEZ Arnhem

    Processes and algorithms are gradually taking over more and more parts of our lives. What happens when virtual reality becomes more powerful or important than our everyday reality? And we increasingly lose touch with our physical experience? What does this mean for us as human beings?

    Nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award: HKU

    #DataSynthesis #DigitalRealm #Algorithmic #FeedbackLoops #ArtificialIntelligence #FutureOfArt #VirtualVsMaterial #BlurredBoundaries #PowerTechnology 


    Masculinity is still often linked to being a man and thus to being a sex man. In the installation Dickpik Photobooth, Clim Stoopen research this in a very literal way, where spectators can have their penis photographed.

    The Dickpic Photobooth attempts to make the distance and anonymity during sexting visible to the participant of the installation. It shows how fun and challenging sexting can be, but also gives an awareness of when a certain distance and privacy disappear.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: St Joost Breda

    Wall jewels, feminism, self-reflection, hidden layers and mirror of hidden identity, Felicie Vitrai explores your deeper relationship with your core and the role you want technology and your environment to play. She creates a mirror world in all sorts of ways and with mixed media. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award – Rietveld Amsterdam


    Where our digital and physical lives meet: an immersive and interactive experience that merges the physical and digital worlds. It involves wearable pieces that come to life when being touched and change their identity with the viewer, making them part of the new phygital world. Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU Utrecht Roxyvankemenade.com

    investigates how a few standardised objects play a significant role in driving globalisation and how they ultimately affect our society and daily lives. Shai questions the meaning of creative maker-ship with the paradox of 3D printing as a medium and as an object. The research emerged from a necessity to understand the relationship with surrounding objects, to facilitate structure for a life that felt out of balance.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award – Rietveld Amsterdam 

    Locks let you think about one of the biggest social structures our world knows — ownership. In the format of a workshop, she teaches visitors how to alternatively open these spatial puzzles. 
    Layla Gijsen (1999) freshly graduated from Designlab at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and is presenting her graduation work Alternative Openings. @bootlegsjaak 

    Koos Buster award 2023

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Rietveld Amsterdam

    about censorship of the major Chinese social media platform Weibo (similar to Twitter), where your profile is left online, but terse and unclickable, as a ghost, the moment you ever criticized the Chinese government on that platform. Yujin expects she will never get a job in China after graduation.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures


    Cannon Feed22/FODDER22: We All Have to Die – Remix of opportunistic capitalist imperialism. refugees, preferred citizens, propaganda, misinformation and society.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK Den Haag

    a collaboration between AI and the human experience (emotional intelligence).

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK Den Haag

    Yolande collected 1400 bizar profile pictures of men on Tinder, from photoshopped penises, to guns, racist messages and sexist images. She shows a few hundred of them during Manifestations.

    Alter-dimensional artist Viola Renate transcends her electronic compositions beyond the confines and transience of the digital realm into during tangible life-size décor pieces. Through a transformative materialisation process, involving VR print, artisanal woodwork and assemblage, she merges the precision of digital artistry together with the warmth and natural defines of handcraft.


    Hardly Working is een film van Total Refusal (Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) – Oostenrijk/Duitsland 2021/2022 – ca. 20 minuten

    Gefilmd in het wereldwijd bekende spel Red Dead Redemption II en gaat over NPC’s. NPC’s (Non Playable Characters) zijn extra karakters (mensen) die hun leven leiden in de schaduw van het spel. De timmerman begint zijn shift altijd op dezelfde tijd, een paar minuten over 8 ‘s ochtends, dan neemt hij gelijk zijn werk op, een hamer verschijnt, hij knielt, en hamert altijd 2 spijkers op dezelfde plek. Hij laat altijd wat extra enthousiasme zien wanneer hij de tweede spijker op precies dezelfde plek in het hout slaat. Het zijn karakters die hun werk altijd erg serieus nemen.

    NPC’s zijn niet-speelbare personages die hyperrealistische werelden bevolken om de schijn van normaliteit te creëren. Meestal spelen deze digitale extra’s geen grote rol in het verhaal van de game. Hier zijn een wasvrouw, een stalknecht, een straatveger en een klusjesman de vier hoofdpersonen van deze film. Met etnografische precisie observeert de film hun dagelijks werk: een ritme bestaande uit loops waardoor ze dagelijks en onvermoeibaar aan het werk zijn. Hun werk resulteert niet in een product en verandert ook niets aan hun status quo.

    Zitten wij als karakters in deze wereld ook vast in onze “ activiteitenlus”, zijn wij gewired om niet lange termijn en overstijgend te denken, of hebben wij mogelijkheid om uit onze activiteitenlus te breken. Zijn wij mensen net als deze Non Playable Characters? Hebben wij ons sociaal geconformeerd aan wensen en sociaal wenselijk leven, of zijn wij in staat om eigen keuzes te maken en eigen visie te ontwikkelen? Zijn wij in staat ons denkniveau van praktische activiteiten niveau te ontstijgen naar een hoger niveau en kunnen wij zien welke Visie op dit moment nodig is?

    3. Sustainable
    #climate #smarter-choices #biology #deep-sea-mining #human=parasite

    Beads proliferate over softly shining aluminum in which a tree trunk seems to be preserved. Cut carpets form the basis of this growing labyrinth in which Bianca Runge gives nature a voice and denounces our consumer society. Miljoenen views op TikTok. PZC 2023  

    Tiktok/ Inst: bianca.runge.art

    ‘Verwonderwezens’ is about challenging yourself to view all creatures as equal. In this colorful book, a few wondrous species are introduced, with all of their qualities and ways of living. 

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU



    The seabed has emerged as a new frontier for resource extraction. The rush to mine remote and unknown habitats, in the name of a renewable energy future, unfolds amidst the backdrop of ecological disregard. The project aims to imagine the mythical stories of transformation among resilient creatures abandoning oceanic homes that have become uninhabitable by human actions.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Rietveld Amsterdam


    With her ephemeral sculptures of speculative botanical species, Silke Riis plays with the idea of evolution pushed and shaped by climate change.

    By combining beauty and horror in the aesthetic of each piece, she reflects her own feelings about the uncertain future she is facing.

    Her work won the Stroom Young Talent Award at the KABK Graduation show 2023.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: KABK Den Haag


    This race car, made from boxes and discarded materials, shows that you don’t have to buy everything. How beautiful is it to fulfill your dreams by rolling up your sleeves and creating something yourself? Be inspired by this simple masterpiece and ask yourself: what is my passion, my dream, my next creation? What do I want to achieve through my own efforts and creativity? The world is at your feet, ready to be discovered and shaped by your vision and determination. What would YOU create? 


    We are Extinction Rebellion.
    We are nature defending itself.

    Join us!

    https://rebellion.global/ https://extinctionrebellion.nl/

    + Diverse workshops zoals Bevlek je ondergoed en red de planeet (ma 23+di 24) en shirts en tassen bedrukken door 3D print artist Rob Nisters, neem je eigen lege Tshirt of tas mee (za 21+zo 22) (credit foto: Rob Nisters)

    Speculative video installation that explores the future of human life examining air pollution, where humans are forced to become plant-human hybrids to reverse the pollution and damage they have done to Earth.


    Sonja collected society’s debris and shows a magical world, hoping that we all learn to handle our waste better. Why buy something new, when things become magical when you make them yourself?

    Tanja Vujinović is a cybernetic artist who creates MetaGardens, transcendental artefacts and Proto-machines and exhibits media artworks internationally for 25 years, while exploring philosophical subjects of play, identity, synthetic Other using VR, IOT, and game engines.


    link to world:


    Post-Nuclear Design. We unfortunately live in a time in which nuclear war is still a threat. Design for a heavy future exists of normal everyday objects redesigned in a way so they can still aid us during the events of nuclear war. While trying to solve an unsolvable problem.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Tilburg

    The collection showcases a liminal in-between world, transcending conventional definitions through the use of prints, shapes, and aesthetics. It made its debut at Amsterdam Fashion Week, where I emerged as a top 10 finalist at Lichting 2023.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU

    By asking straightforward yes-or-no questions, an attempt is made to promote depolarization, shed new light on the recent protest actions in museums, and provide more insight into these issues.

    Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU


    4. Future
    #empathic #shared-vision #Smarter-choices #polarisation #splitting-in-2 #citizens-of-preference #preferred-citizens-versus-excluded-citizens

    Chimeric soft-robotic sculptural bodymasks, mimicking the transformative qualities of octopus skin & other critters; changing form, color and texture, distorting the human contour.

    in collaboration with crossing parallel artist in residence program made possible by pauwhoffonds and rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (2021/2023)

    Nature and natural phenomena are often an inspiration for Aïsha’s collections. For her project Water Phenomena, she researched water specific phenomena like spring- and neaptide, whirlpools and estuaries. Aïsha connected the shapes, colours and her associations with materials and silhouettes in order to create a visualization of these phenomena. 


    Smart Scarecrow. In the agricultural sector, the geese eat the harvest before it is fully grown, unfortunately the current scarecrows no longer work optimally.

    That’s why I designed and made a scarer that is easy to use and that can turn completely, so the farmer only has to go to the field once every three days to scare away geese instead of three times a day. The scarer is made with materials from waste streams within the agricultural sector.


    A second chance for human and object. A collaboration of Emmaus Perspectief, Wageningen, Gouda, Fenix, Haarzuilens, Langeweg.

    At Emmaus there are practical idealists. We stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable in society. We are self-reliant and unattached. We make our own money, especially with our recycling activities. This year we are hosting the exposhop of Manifestations More info:


    Fashioncreations of prepared and living plants.

    Last year Agnes presented her special creations of orange peel material and mummified cabbage leaf.

    This edition of Manifestations she goes a step further and exhibits a creation with real, unprocessed plants. Plants that stay alive and continue to grow.


    The elderly of Vitalis, local residents and volunteers work together on the design and production of the VitaLISJE collection, a series of special animals.

    All honest handmade products. The participants, mainly crocheters, provide expertise in traditional textile work. The old discarded clothing of the healthcare staff becomes part of the designs, so these fabrics are reused, giving this clothing a completely different function and a second life.


    Challengepower makes the Actors of Persecution visible. That Chinese publishers are being prosecuted, we know. But that an Australian publisher is being prosecuted for disclosing war crimes is new. Julian Assange is the first example of this. IFJ, the international umbrella of the Dutch Association of Journalists, is also speaking out about this, calling the Assange verdict: “the end of free journalism.” https://www.2doc.nl/verdieping/artikelen/2023/journalistieke-vrijheid-op-het-spel.html

    At Manifestations, we will show a map of these actors, and ask visitors to speak out on the LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and other social media of these people, to hold them accountable.


    Can we use technology not just to be manipulated but rather use technology to hold people accountable, and use technology to speak out and make our voices heard for a world we really want: a world where free journalism is a high good?

    https://landvanons.nlLand van Ons (our land), is a fast growing citizen’s cooperative that buys farmland in order to restore biodiversity and our landscape. The 25.000 members collaborate with farmers bringing back herbaceous plants, insects, birds, and other animals. Land van Ons is a volunteer organisation, all our funds go to land aquisition and biodiversity.


    Watch the videos below:

    Do you want to see more online festivals?

    Erwin van de Zande – Bright

    “Manifestations slaagt er elk jaar weer in om te laten zien wat er gebeurt als kunst en technologie elkaar raken met sterke curatie en verrassende werken. Het event doet dat op een voor Nederland unieke manier en toont wat wij met technologie doen en andersom wat technologie met ons doet.”

    Eric van Eerdenburg – Lowlands

    “Bij Manifestations zie je dingen aan de rand van ontwikkelingen, die je niet snel ergens anders tegenkomt, het is edgy en heeft weinig woorden nodig om te spreken.”

    Nicole Spit - Studio Dáárheen

    “Waardevolle pers-artikelen, uitnodigingen vervolgexposities.
    Manifestations heeft mijn positie in de kunst en ontwerperswereld verstevigd.”

    DAAN DE KORT - Tweede Kamerlid

    “Ik bezoek al jaren de DDW, maar de mooiste tour kreeg ik bij Manifestations.”

    Peter Kentie - directeur Citymarketing Eindhoven365

    “Ik ben onder de indruk van de kwaliteiten van Manifestations. Technologie groeit in een razend tempo, laten wij als Eindhoven toonaangevend in de wereld zijn hoe we daarmee om gaan, die power en die mensen hebben wij. Eindhoven365 gelooft in het concept Manifestations en het potentieel ervan.”


    “Ik vond Manifestions voor mij een van de hoogtepunten van de Dutch Design Week!
    Dat heeft o.a te maken met de diversiteit die jullie in een verhaal bijeen weet te brengen!
    Balans in de ruimste zin des woords.” 


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